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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply  gives you courage.”
–  Lao Tzu

When I married Dan almost five years ago, I married him because he was funny, smart and one of the most caring men I had ever met.  I already knew he was a great father and a kind man, but this year he really proved what a strong, devoted and loving man he is.

From the moment of my diagnosis, Dan has been by my side.  Unwavering, and full of love.

In previous posts, I’ve thanked family, friends – many people, including my husband.  This one is all for you Dan.  Thank you.

Throughout the past eight months my amazing husband has been my shoulder to cry on, my nursemaid and my cheerleader.  He has picked up more than his share of the household duties, including the grocery shopping and cooking, even some cleaning! 🙂

He has humored me through my ups and downs and has been there for me, for whatever I needed.  While taking off work and accompanying me to my numerous doctors appointments, he never complained. I know he is tired, and this year has been tough on him.

I know this has been scary for him too.  He has tried to be strong and positive – even when I am not.  He gets the “crabby and tired” me, and he still loves me.  Even when he is crabby and tired himself, he’s still making sure our family is taken care of.  He works so very hard to make sure that we are all happy, sacrificing a lot for us all.  He’s so encouraging and loving – to us all, we are lucky to have him.  He surprises me at times with his unwavering love.  I’m constantly amazed when tells me I’m beautiful and I’m feeling at my worst.  He is in still deeply in love with me, even when I’m not feeling very lovable.  “To love and to cherish through sickness and in health.”  For that, I am grateful.

Dan, you have been more, than I ever expected from you.

My wish is that our  future together is long, happy and VERY healthy…..filled with Miracles, Vitality and Prosperity.

I love you.