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On Saturday night we joined our friends the Firesteins  and many others at Bonnie Briar for a BBQ and poolside fireworks.  It was so much fun and so nice to just be out celebrating!  Thank you so much Ben and Val!

For so many months now, I have kept my eye on the Fourth of July.

It has been my “goal date”  for many reasons.  My vision, of a healthy me, celebrating my favorite holiday.
The Fourth of July has been my favorite holiday since I was a young child.  Because my birthday is on December 24th, my grandparents and parents always celebrated my “half birthday” on the Fourth of July with a big party.  And of course  – fireworks, which, as a child, I thought were especially for me!

I know,  I know, they are not good for the environment…..but despite that, I still love Fireworks!  They make me happy and remind me of so many happy times during my childhood and young adult years.

Saturday night was wonderful.  Sitting by the pool surrounded by many friends, with Christopher in my lap waving his American flag and his glow sticks to the music and watching the beautiful sky lit up with colors… was a perfect moment in time for me.  One I had been waiting for and dreaming of for the past few months.

At one point, my sweet son turned around and hugged me tight and said “Mommy, this is absolutely MAGICAL!”

Yes Christopher, it was, in every way.  Magical.