Independence Day

Fourth of July – Independence Day!

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As you might know by now, this is the day of my favorite holiday!¬† ūüôā
Independence Day for our beautiful country.¬† A country¬†that we are so blessed to live in.¬† A special “Independence Day” for me too.

Freedom for all¬†Americans¬†– and for me,¬†freedom from cancer,¬†freedom from surgeries and radiation treatments and finally……freedom to let my body heal itself.

This morning, we went down to Flint Park for the races, a wonderful Larchmont tradition.  Christopher and Connor both won first place blue ribbons and several others!  Sam and Christopher did the sibling three legged race and also won first place!  Go TEAM MENZEL!

I was happy to be feeling a little less tired and sore for the festivities, but the extreme heat and humidity got to me.  I had to leave before the event was over and go home to rest.  A sign that I am not even close to 100 percent yet.   I definitely feel improvement from when I finished radiation, but its a slow process.

Instead of getting frustrated, I’m learning to listen to my body and rest when I need to – and know that I will get there – and be better than ever before.¬† I’ve decided that this is officially my “summer of healing”.¬†
Even though I’m not feeling the greatest, I’m not feeling terrible…..and for that, I’m grateful.¬† Slow and steady wins the race, in my case, the race against cancer that I will continue to run, for myself and for others.

This afternoon, Dan is out with Connor and Christopher fishing.¬† Sam and I are just “chilling” at home…..I’m writing and she’s on her phone (imagine that!)¬† She’s laying on the couch completely engrossed with her Instagram and I’m at my desk writing and listening to music.¬† I can see her through the doorway to the family room, every once in a while we’ll share a thought or a smile and then go back to our own stuff.¬† It’s peaceful and nice.

We “should” go over to the Larchmont Yacht Club to swim, but at this point, we are both content to be here.
There will be many more days of sunshine for us at the Yacht Club together.¬† I’m counting on that.
Today, I’m¬† just happy to rest and relax before our friends the Riordan’s and the Sarkozi’s BBQs this evening¬†– and of course, another round of fireworks!
Looking forward to another “magical” night!

Happy Fourth Everyone!  God Bless America!