A little about me……Mary Olson-Menzel

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Every day……my goal, with every person I meet, is that they will be touched by me, with something positive and meaningful that helps to make their day a little better and their world a little brighter, even if just for a moment.

This has been my goal ever since I was a child.  I used to say, “if I can make every person I meet happy today, then it will be a good day!”

I’ve tried to continue this into my adult life and into my career.  I’m lucky that I’m in a profession where I am able to do this for my clients on a regular basis, with career coaching and placing people into great jobs…..but it doesn’t just have to be big things. It can take five minutes, whether its helping an elderly person in the local grocery store with the door or their bags, or a child with their homework.  Sometimes, if can even be as much as a smile or a word of encouragement to someone.  Do it.  Spread smiles.  You have no idea, it might be just what that person needed at that particular moment in their life.

It is my goal with this blog to do the same.  If I can help one person through what I have gone through, then it will be worth it.