My Brother, John.

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You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to  them. 
– Desmond Tutu

John is ten years older than me, and since I was a young child he has always been someone that I admired and looked up to.   He was the big brother who took care of me, protected me and teased me non-stop.  He is a rare individual, deeply spiritual, incredibly talented – the strong and silent type.  Very striking with deep, dark brown eyes, long dark hair and a charming smile that lights up his face.  People are drawn to him, he is wise, kind and has a very calming presence about him. Add in a goofy sense of humor and you’ve got a dynamic combination that will charm anyone who meets him.

He is a brilliant and talented artist who has made quite a name for himself in the Western art world.  There are so many amazing things about him that I could go on and on about.  He is very humble and has no idea of the shining and beautiful light that he shines on me and so many others.  I wish he could see himself through my eyes.  He is amazing and beautiful, inside and out.  Throughout my diagnosis and treatments, I counted on him for emotional support across the miles and for all of the prayers that he offered for my healing.

When he came to visit, I was so happy.  He makes me feel safe, my big brother was here to protect me from whatever life threw at me.  While he was here we took long walks in the woods, discussed life, cried, hugged and caught up on so many things.   I wish we lived closer, he is so special to me and I miss him so much.

There is something so special about siblings; the shared history, the understanding of each other in our hearts, the words we can speak in just one glance and the desire to smooth the way for each other through life’s trials on this journey.

John, thank you for loving me and protecting me and sharing this journey with me.  I love you.