Good Friends

My Chicago Posse

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“Good friends are like stars….you don’t always see them….but you always know they are there.”
(quote taken from a plaque given to me by my friend Chris Bortman-Mahoney)
During the past three months, its been nice to have friends from “home” come to visit and be with me.

Thank you to Jennifer Pelino, Susan Mitchell, Tammy Petersen, Kelly Penry, Elaine and Laura Ries, Chris Bortman- Mahoney, Todd and Tamara Taylor-Holmes, Sheau Ming Ross, my sister, Tricia Davis who will arrive on Friday  – and Lisa DeNoux-Wiehebrink who will arrive on Sunday with her whole family from California.

Every one of you made the trip, despite your busy schedules, and  I am grateful.  You helped to make my life more bearable as I continue my march through all of this difficult stuff.

You each brought a piece of “home” with you, and made me feel safe and so happy just by being here with me.
Love you.