Mary Olson-MenzelI was born in Chicago on December 24th. My parents, Robert and Veronica said I was the best Christmas present they ever received! I grew up in a blended family, with six siblings. James, Sandy and John, my older siblings from my mom’s first marriage. Connie and Bob, my older siblings from my dad’s first marriage, and my little sister Trish (same parents as me!)

My little sister, Tricia and I both remember our childhood as being idyllic. We grew up in a Chicago suburb called Barrington, on a lake. We went to great schools, and played in our safe little neighborhood with our wonderful neighbors. During the winters, we skated on the lake and sledded down the rolling hills surrounding our house. During the summers, we swam at our beach and played tennis at Biltmore Country Club.

Upon graduation from Illinois State University with a double major in Communications and Public Relations, I worked as a television reporter for a small cable news station. I also taught aerobics and worked at the Clinique Counter at Lord and Taylor. Eventually, I entered the field of Recruitment, working in high tech consulting, and then eventually found my way back in the media industry.

I spent ten years of my life in various roles (including sales and recruitment) at Tribune Company in Chicago. During my tenure at the Tribune, they sent me to Kellogg, Northwestern’s School of Business to get my MBA. It was all a great experience. During this time, I grew immensely both professionally and personally, making wonderful lifetime friendships along the way.

In mid 2008, I moved with my fiance (now husband) Dan and our blended family to Larchmont, New York. I “inherited” my two beautiful step kids, Samantha and Connor and my wonderful “sister-in-law”, Courtney. In October of 2009, our son, Christopher Michael was born and my world was forever changed for the better.

Since then I have launched my own successful company with my amazing and brilliant business partner, and fellow Kellogg Alum, Rich Sypniewski.

Special thanks go to my loving and generous cousin George McKenzie for developing this website with me, and to my dear, talented friends Stefanie Egan and Lee Geishecker at Vagabond View Photography for the incredible family pictures on the Cape!