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Today marks the end of an “era” – for the past 5 years Christopher has had a wonderful nanny named Gloria.  I interviewed Gloria when I was still pregnant to join as a nanny for our youngest son Christopher.  She was a wonderful presence in our house from the start.  She taught me how to navigate my way with a newborn and was with me every step of the way, as I went back to work, and as Christopher grew from infant, to toddler, to sweet little boy.  Gloria is from Columbia and is filled with pride, she took her job very seriously and looked at it like a  true professional.  She was always early, walking into our house with a sunny greeting every morning, “Buenos Dias!” we would hear as she came up the stairs. Professionalism, sprinkled with lots of love.  The perfect combination.

She treated Christopher with so much love and care that it made my heart melt.  I could pursue my career knowing that my child was safe and loved in the arms of a wonderful woman.  I am lucky, my work schedule allows me to work from home quite a bit, so I was able the hear Gloria and Christopher together, the laughter, the fun and the sweetness.  Gloria taught Christopher to speak Spanish by speaking her native language to him daily as he grew.  What an added bonus to have a child who is bi-lingual at a young age.  Christopher’s accent is perfect, even at four and a half!  She also taught him to pray. She is a devout Christian and they would pray before every meal, I love that!  I wish I remembered to pray before every meal, instead of just in the morning as I wake and at bedtime.  She helped to remind me of the importance of God in a child’s life.

Through the years, we had a solid “well oiled” routine down in our house.  Gloria and I were able to roll with the ups and downs of raising a child and of life together.  She became a dear friend and someone who I could talk to about so many different elements of my life.  She took good care of Christopher and we took good care of each other.   There are so many happy memories, smiles and laughter as I sit here mourning her last day with us.

Next week Christopher will start pre-K full time at Hudson Montessori and we will no longer have a need for a full time nanny – this has been a bittersweet summer as Gloria and I both knew that this time would eventually come.  Who would have thought it would come so quickly?

Here we are on her last day and she has only been gone for an hour, but Christopher and I already miss her.  We took her out for sushi – to our favorite place together for her last day.  When it came time for her to leave Christopher would not let her go, hugging her and clinging to her, as I stood there with tears in my eyes watching the sweet and strong love between the two of them.  As we watched her pull away (after about 30 minutes of trying to leave) I held my sweet son in my arms and we walked into the house.  We sat together on the couch and cried for a bit together, talking about how much we will miss her and how she will still be our friend and we will see her…………but it will never be the same.

We will miss you terribly Gloria!  We will forever be grateful for you love and your presence in our lives.
Wishing you much success and happiness – God Bless You!