my mom and my sister

My Mom and My Big Sis.

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My mom and my sister Sandy came for a visit last week.  I’m so thankful to Sandy for getting on a plane in Wichita, KS where she lives, flying to Chicago and then flying with my mom to NY to spend time with me.  I know it took a lot of effort on her part in many ways, but they made it here together and it was a wonderful visit!

When I met them at the airport I was in tears, there was my big sister and my mom.  As a child, often, its your mother who soothes your tears, your fears and your pain.  As an adult, there’s always a bit of that inner child, who, when faced with something like cancer……just wants their mom to give them a kiss and make it “all better”.

On the ride home from LGA, my mom sat next to me and just kept touching me and holding my arm.  It was funny, but it was so very comforting – for both of us – I’m sure.  I cannot imagine how worried she must have been for all of these months when she couldn’t fly out to see me because of her own health problems. I’m sure she cannot imagine how much I just wanted to curl up in her arms and cry and hear her tell me “it will all be ok”.   Here she was, and all was ok.  Thank God.

We had such an enjoyable four days.  Talking, reminiscing, resting when needed and just enjoying each other. The only thing that would have made it more perfect, was if my sister Tricia was with us too.  I miss my family and my friends in Chicago a lot and it’s very special to me when my friends and loved ones come to visit me here in NY.  I am so often going back to Chicago to visit everyone there, that its just really nice to have people come and spend time with me in my “new life”.  To experience and understand what my world is like now and to appreciate and enjoy it with me.

In addition to our time together, Sandy got to spend unlimited time with Christopher on this visit.  We usually meet up in Chicago  every summer and for Thanksgiving, so there’s usually a lot of family around and not much one on one time together.  This was very special for Sandy and Christopher,  I believe.  She was so good with him, and every morning while she was here, he’d come into my room snuggle into my arms and ask “Mom, do you think Aunt Sandy is awake yet?”  If she was – I’d send him into her room and I’d hear him say, “Aunt Sandy, Wanna come downstairs and play with me?”  Like it was the best thing in the world!  I hope it was – for both of them – it was very special for me to see them bond like that.

After a great long weekend, I dropped them off at the airport on Sunday and I was a mess.  I couldn’t stop crying, it was so wonderful to have them here with me after such a rough seven months.  I needed this visit and I think they did too…..and I am so happy that we were able to make it happen.

Thank you…..Mom and Sandy.  I love you both so very much!