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Topping off the year…..

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Did I mention that between all the commotion of Christmas and Christmas Eve, I was pouring a glass of wine from one of those big party bottles for Sissy/Nana and myself before dinner and it slipped out of my hand – as I tried to catch the bottle from falling I bent my left pinkie finger back.  It hurt, but maybe my tolerance for pain is much higher after having a baby and fighting cancer.  The craziest thing is that my finger was stuck in the bent back position!

DJ and Sissy, God love them, thought it was dislocated and “offered” to put it back into place for me!  I figured that was NOT a good idea and decided to tape it to my ring finger and ice it for the night.

The next morning after all the presents were unwrapped and people were fed, I drove myself to the Urgent Care facility in Larchmont.  They X rayed it and told me they thought it was broken…….I thought to myself – yep this is just the topper to a really rough year.  Can’t wait to put 2013 behind me…….with all the lessons learned and move forward into a better 2014!

Subsequently, I’ve had an MRI and it’s not broken, but a tendon injury causing a “swan neck” finger!  So I have to have my pinky in a splint for the next six weeks!